International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction : 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3, September Abstracts XML

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Emotional and Social Loneliness in Individuals With and Without Substance Dependence Disorder   Research Article
Aloe vera Aqueous Extract Effect on Morphine Withdrawal Syndrome in Morphine-Dependent Female Rats   Research Article
Attitude to Substance Abuse: Do Personality and Socio-Demographic Factors Matter?   Research Article
Early Maladaptive Schemas in Development of Addictive Disorders as Parts of the Complex Addiction Jigsaw   Letter
Detection of Salivary Human Papilloma Viruses 16 and 18 (HPV) in Smoker Men in an Iranian Population by PCR: A Pilot Study   Research Article
Consumption of Energy Drinks Among Lebanese Youth: A Pilot Study on the Prevalence and Side Effects   Research Article
Chronological Variations of Children Poisoning Causes in Zahedan, South of Iran   Research Article
Is Knowledge Enough? Considering HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors and HIV/AIDS Knowledge With African American Women   Research Article
A Comparison of Attentional Bias Towards Drug Cues in Addicts and Non-Addicts   Brief Report
Religiosity and Preventing Risky Behaviors   Editorial