International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction : 2016, Volume 5, Issue 1, March Abstracts XML

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Among the Wives of Opioid-Dependent Males in Iran   Research Article
University Students’ Views Regarding Reasons for Drug Abuse Among Youths   Letter
Comparative Study of the Activity of Brain Behavioral Systems in Methamphetamine and Opiate Dependents   Research Article
Suicidal Attempt With Intentional Poisoning Seems a Comorbid Illness With an Increased Burden   Research Article
The Viewpoints of Sexually Active Single Women About Premarital Sexual Relationships: A Qualitative Study in the Iranian Context   Research Article
A Comparison of Type II Diabetic Patients With Healthy People: Coping Strategies, Hardiness, and Occupational Life Quality   Research Article
The Effects of Family-Centered Problem-Solving Education on Relapse Rate, Self Efficacy and Self Esteem Among Substance Abusers   Research Article
Prevalence of HCV Infections and Co-Infection With HBV and HIV and Associated Risk Factors Among Addicts in Drug Treatment Centers, Lorestan Province, Iran   Research Article
Body Composition Changes Associated With Methadone Treatment   Brief Report
Individual Factors of Social Acceptance in Patients Infected With Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) at the Yazd Behavioral Consultation Center in Iran   Research Article
Alcohol Consumption in Russia and Some Aspects of Public Health   Review Article
Comparing the Spiritual Health and Quality of Life in Addicted and Non-Addicted Patients in the City of Birjand, Iran   Research Article
Effectiveness of Gross Model-Based Emotion Regulation Strategies Training on Anger Reduction in Drug-Dependent Individuals and its Sustainability in Follow-up   Research Article
Identification and Evaluation of Abused Children at Imam Hossein Hospital   Research Article
The Relationship of Parental Mental Health and Dietary Pattern With Adolescent Mental Health   Research Article