International Journal of High Risk Behaviors and Addiction : 2016, Volume 5, Issue 4, Dec Abstracts XML

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The Relation of Self-Compassion and Anger Control Dimensions With Suicide Ideation in University Students   Research Article
Prevention of Worsening of Drug Abuse in Soldiers   Brief Report
Predictors of High-Risk Behaviors in Municipal Workers and Staff in Zahedan, South-East of Iran   Research Article
Opioid Use and Tobacco Smoking in Patients With Rheumatic Diseases   Research Article
The Association Between Psychological Disorders and Periodontitis   Brief Report
The Effectiveness of Group Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Emotion Regulation in Methamphetamine-Dependent Individuals Undergoing Rehabilitation   Research Article
Opium Addiction and Mortality Among Burn Patients   Research Article
Comparison of Characteristics of Methamphetamine Versus Opiate Users in Tehran, Iran   Research Article
Methamphetamine Use Among Patients Undergoing Methadone Maintenance Treatment in Iran; a Threat for Harm Reduction and Treatment Strategies: A Qualitative Study   Research Article
Oral Cancer: Prevention and Early Detection, Dentists’ Opinions and Practices (Mashhad-Iran)   Research Article
Oral Mucosal Lesions and Adverse Habits Among Hospitalized Tuberculosis Patients of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India   Research Article
Urban-Rural Differences in the Associations of Risk Factors With Epilepsy Based on the California Health Interview Survey: A Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis   Research Article
Quality of Life Among Narcotic Anonymous Male Members in Yazd City, Iran   Research Article
Predictors of High-Risk Behaviors Among Street Children in Zahedan, Southeastern Iran   Research Article
Nicotine Addiction and Hearing Loss in Young Subjects From Beirut, Lebanon   Research Article
Effect of Cigarette Smoking and Body Mass Index on Salivary Calcium and Phosphate Concentration in Chronic Periodontitis Patients   Research Article
Evaluating the Effect of the rs2229238 and the rs4845625 Interleukin 6 Receptor Gene Polymorphisms on Body Mass Index and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in an Iranian Study Population   Research Article
The Role of Personality Pattern Behaviors in Risk Behaviors of High School Students   Research Article
Sexual Dysfunction among Males with Opiate Dependence Undergoing Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT)   Research Article
Seatbelt and Helmet Use and Associated Factors in a Metropolitan Area   Brief Report